Alaska 2007

Click on each thumb nail to enlarge the picture.

Sunrise Anchorage Plane dolly Loading the plane
Taking off for Denali Ice flows Snow covered wilderness
Sheer mountains Approaching Mt McKinley Lake landing
Middle of the lake Drema cold/Linda ham Frozen lakes
Turnagain Arm/Cook Inlet Where Porter got cured Snow slide off roof
Drema inside Chair 5 Drema outside Chair 5 What can I say
Musk ox To the whales! Seals basking in the cold
Bald Eagle Woody, for real Like the sign says
My personal favorite The top Snow snow snow
Top of the course The course Glenn and Linda
Carolyn, Judy, Paul Glenn, JR Paul & Linda concerned
Cat got your tongue, Alice? I would dip you, but... Dance machine Ed
Yes we did party Polar bear Here we are
Totem pole Aleska Prince Hotel Riding up the tram
High tide Turnagain Arm Carolyn, Judy Paul The front gate
Ressurection Bay Gary, Drema, Gene Porter, Drema cold day at the zoo
Wide open! Top of the ice!! Glacier ice caves C,J,P
Glacier close up